How to Eliminate Smoke Smell in a House?

After a fire breakout, it’s anticipated that it will leave a strong smell and black soot all over the surfaces of your house. Eventually, the smell would leave the hard surfaces. However, this smell will stay and be absorbed by softer surfaces like furniture cushions, drapes, and carpets. If this happens, you need to do special measures so that the smoke smell will be eliminated. Here are the following tips that will make the smoke cleaning in your home a lot easier. 

Air it out 

One of the first reasonable thing that you should do is to air out your whole home. Keep all of the windows and doors found in your house open for the entire day to allow your home to be ventilated and allow as much fresh air as possible. When you’ve got any fans in the ceiling, house, or otherwise, let it face out the doors and turn it on full-blast. Before you can start with the actual cleaning process, it’s important to have as much of the smell out to provide you a way in. 

Baking soda 

One of the most well-used and natural ways of removing smoke out of furniture, drapes, and carpets is by applying baking soda. You may begin with carpets by sprinkling baking soda onto them and let them settle deep with a broom. Then, allow it to soak overnight. Don’t forget to vacuum your carpet after 24 hours. Baking soda can help in neutralizing the smell. Know that you can keep on doing it several times as needed. You can also do this method to any of your fabric-covered furniture and your drapes.  

Other cleaning methods 

Put all of your clothing, blankets, sheets, and drapes in the laundry machine. You may use the detergent that you normally use. However, you should also put a cup of vinegar to the load before the rinse cycle begins. Vinegar can function as a heavy-duty cleaner that can eliminate some of the smell that settled into the fabrics.  

Though hard surfaces will be less impacted by the smoke, they still have to be cleaned thoroughly as well. To provide then the heavy-duty treatment, you will need to make a solution consisting of ¼ cup of vinegar, 1 gallon of water, and 1 tsp. of dish soap and pour it into a spray bottle. Use this solution to spray each solid surface within your home like hardwood floors, countertops, cabinets, and more. Allow this solution to settle for some time. After that, use a clean cloth to wipe the surfaces. Take anything that can be removed, like window screens and light fixtures, and toss it into a bathtub with water and dish soap. Let them be soaked as long as you can wait.  

Contact the experts 

The chances that you can totally eliminate the smoke smell from your house are slim no matter how hard you clean them using these methods alone. With that in mind, it would be best to just let this be done by the experts and use EcoTek Pro restoration services ASAP for guaranteed results.  


Tips on Moving 

Are you going to move offices? I know it can be a big hassle when moving without a plan but here are some tips on helping you ease your way into moving your business! 


1. Time Consciousness 

 The time you need in moving depends on your business’ size and how many people are helping you with the move. In moving your business, you need to expect more things to move compared to moving homes that’s why you need to start early in order to get it done on time. Never underestimate the time you will need when it comes to moving, you need to consider possible problems moving forward so starting early gives you ample extra time to take those matters into hand as well. Optimize, organize and start early so you can successfully move with ease. 

 2. Proper Packaging 

 I’m sure that as much as there are valuables in moving homes, there are also as much valuables in moving offices or business. One way to avoid any problems when moving is through making sure that you pack properly. Invest in the right packaging supplies like bubble wrap for fragile things and packaging tapes to ensure everything is sealed in boxes. Also, make sure that you have markers for correct labels on your boxes.  

 3. Donate 

 When moving it is always a great way to upgrade or downsize and this can be done through donating things that are no longer of much use to you and your company. If ever you have any furniture or office supplies like printers and computers that are old, this may be the best time to upgrade while not wasting anything. Donating your old things that you won’t be needing to include while packing to your next location is a way to avoid being wasteful and is a help to those starting companies maybe that are in need of help as they start.  

 4. Label Everything 

 Packing and organizing will be a waste if you don’t label the boxes you stored your things in. This ensures that those fragile things you need to keep safe won’t be packed in the bottom of your pile which may cause for some damage on your things. Moreover, it is a way to keep unpacking more manageable. 

 5. Data Security 

 In moving you need to ensure that the data from your company is also secured. One way in making sure that important data won’t be lost is through storing it in hard drives that are removable or store it in the cloud for back up.  

 6. Invest in Professionals 

 The wisest way to ensure your move will be successful and on time is through investing on professionals who will help you in moving. Removal company Exeter will help you when you are planning to move your business and they have a reputation for successfully helping in any moving situation. If ever you are in need of help in moving, then connect with them today!