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XXXII Border Legislative Conference

Mexico City, September 2019


The U.S.-Mexico Border Economy in Transition; Report Now Available




Nations Celebrate First U.S.-Mexico Rail Bridge in 105 Years

United States and Mexico celebrate the inauguration of the West Rail Bypass International Bridge, the first new rail link between the two countries in more than a century.


How to Boost Border Competitiveness? Just Ask the Folks There.

With U.S.-Mexico trade at historic highs it is increasingly difficult to ignore the importance of safe and efficient border management to the regional economy.


CSG West’s Border Legislative Conference Program in D.C. for Launch of “The U.S.-Mexico Border Economy in Transition” Report.


Report sees border opportunities

Rich in potential, the U.S.-Mexico border’s economic future can be strengthened , according to a recently release report.




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Welcome to the Border Legislative Conference

This site contains current information about the Border Legislative Conference, a joint program of the Council of State Governments (CSG) West and its regional partner in the South, the Southern Legislative Conference (SLC), aimed at enhancing collaboration and communication among state legislators of the United States and Mexico. This site also contains information on upcoming meetings, as well as links to other organizations and governmental agencies that focus their efforts to the U.S.-Mexico border region.



The Borders Legislative Conference consists of the states bordering the United States and Mexico