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Baja California

Before 1953, Baja California was referred to as the “North Territory of Baja California”. It is the northern half of the Mexican peninsula located on the pacific side. Its capital is Mexicali. Baja California is bordered by Mexican states Sonora on the north-east and Baja California Sur on the south, and U.S. states Arizona and California to the north. The west side is bordered by the Pacific Ocean while the Gulf of California borders the majority of its Eastern side. Baja California has a diverse geography including beaches, forests, mountains, deserts, and valleys which make up the 27,636 square miles of the state. The current population is estimated to be 3.1 million with around 75% of its population concentrated in Mexicali and Tijuana. Baja California’s economy is concentrated on maquiladora manufacturing which creates tariff-free exports.

Baja California shares six land ports of entry throughout its border with California. This includes Tijuana, Baja California with San Diego, California; Tijuana, Baja California with Otay Mesa, California; Tecate, Baja California with Tecate, California; Mexicali, Baja California with Calexico, California; Mexicali, Baja California with Calexico, California (Eastern border checkpoint); and Los Algodones, Baja California with Andrade, California.


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