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Arizona is located in the southwestern region of the United States. Its capital is Phoenix. Arizona neighbors New Mexico, Utah, Nevada, and California. It shares a 389-mile international border with the Mexican states of Sonora and Baja California. The state is known for its desert climate, hot summers, and calm winters and covers 113,998 square miles. Arizona’s population is around 6.5 million and has been one of the fastest growing states in the United States. The Arizona economy is focused on producing cattle, lettuce, cotton, hay, mining copper, and manufacturing raw products and electronic equipment.

In 1853 the Arizona-Sonora border was established. Throughout this border there are six ports of entry which include the following cities: Douglas, Arizona with Agua Prieta, Sonora; Naco, Arizona with Naco, Sonora; Nogales, Arizona with Nogales, Sonora; Sasabe, Arizona with Altar, Sonora; Lukeville, Arizona with Sonoita, Sonora, and San Luis, Arizona with San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora.

In recent years the United States has started construction of the controversial $6.7 billion, 23-mile stretch “virtual fence.” The fence is “virtual” in the sense that it relies on detectors and communication towers which incorporate cameras and radars.


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