How to Avoid Clogged Drains

Clogged drains simply often happen. However, there are a lot of things you can do to avoid them.  


Keeping the drains in your house free of clogs is one of the ideal ways to avoid problems with your plumbing system. Almost every homeowner does not care about the things they flush down the drain until they discover that their drain is backing up. 

Exercising preventative measures is the ideal way to steer clear of a major plumbing issue. This keeps blockages and clogs from happening in your house.  

Aside from hiring a drain cleaning Longview TX plumber, here are several tips you can follow to avoid clogged drains: 

Avoid Clogging Your Toilet 

Though most clogs can be found in both kitchens and bathrooms due to the objects being flushed down the drain, you should also think about your toilet. You can easily clog the plumbing in your toilet if you keep flushing down things that shouldn’t be flushed.  

Here are a couple of items that you should avoid flushing down in your toilet: 

  • Toys 
  • Flushable wipes 
  • Feminine products 
  • Other things that don’t belong 

How to Clean Your Drains 

Both vinegar and baking soda are great when it comes to cleaning your drain. All you’ve got to do is to sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda down the drain and flush it using hot water. The other method you can use is to pour 1 cup of vinegar down the drain. Next, leave it for a couple of minutes. Lastly, follow it up with a cup of boiling water.  

Avoid Clogs in Your Drain by Being Proactive 

Whenever you require a full cleaning, you should hire a professional plumbing company to service your house and perform maintenance on your piping system. If you follow the tips above, you can easily avoid clog drains and other problems with your plumbing system. 

Objects that Commonly Block Drains 

There are a lot of things that should not go into your drains. Unfortunately, they still end up down there due to neglect. Here are a couple of objects that commonly clog drains: 

  • Soap Scum and Hair 

These things are usually common in bathroom drain such as baths and showers. If you don’t want these things to end up down the drain, make sure you purchase a drain gate or screen. You can usually buy these things at a plumbing store or your local hardware shop. 

  • Coffee Grounds 

Coffee grounds is one of the most common causes of clog in kitchen sinks. Because of this, you should get rid of them in a different approach. If you’re a gardener, you can use coffee grounds as mulch in your landscaping. If you’re not a gardener, you can simply throw them in the garbage.  

  • Cooking Grease 

Grease can become extremely sticky when it’s cooled. If you flush it down the drain, it will result in a lot of problems. If you don’t want cooking grease to accumulate in your drain and cause a clog, make sure you save it in an old bottle or container. Once it hardens, throw it in your garbage.